A Trip Oop North


That surfer, very brave.

This is the boy’s “this is a BIT windy on this cliff” face.

I’ve been going to Whitby since I was tiny, and this is the first time I’ve passed The Magpie Cafe and not seen a massive queue outside, so we finally gave it a try!

Tower of Roast & The Baltic.

On the way home we spent a night in York. We stopped at the Guy Fawkes Inn & was upgraded to a swanky 4-poster room with a view of the Cathedral out the window.

We ate tiny but delicious food at The Blue Bicycle , then had cocktails at Dusk and the amazing Evil Eye Lounge. It looks like a tiny drinks shop at the front, but once you go through to the back it’s 3 floors high with beds you can sit on. We had a jug of apple strudel, which was seriously the best thing I think I’ve ever drunk. We also went to Trembling Madness, a huge drinks shop with a medieval style bar above it. The food looked awesome but they weren’t very veggie-friendly :(

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